Mentor Playbook

What We're Doing

KC Women in Tech

What We're Doing

Thanks for joining us in helping more women in our community feel empowered! We're Kansas City Women in Technology, a grassroots organization helping to grow the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City. We're excited to have you and want to set you up for success in your role as a mentor. We want you to have fun and also be a valuable part of our community. Please use this playbook as your guide in providing our attendees and yourself with the best experience possible.

Requirements to mentor

  • Lots of patience and a friendly attitude
  • The understanding that you won't know everything and the know-how to use your fellow mentors and other resources as help
  • A willingness to donate your free time and contribute to your local tech community

Why mentor

  • Get to know your fellow developers outside of your normal peer groups
  • Reinforce your own knowledge by finding new ways to teach concepts to beginners
  • Help combat stereotypes by nurturing diversity in order to enrich our tech community
  • Gain new knowledge and strengthen your teaching skills
  • Professional development through networking and resume building
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Have fun with a great group of people!

Time commitment

Beyond the session time commitment, we'd also like you to familiarize yourself with the session content and review it ahead of time. We don't expect anyone to be an expert though - your peers are there to support you. Mostly we want you to show up, be present and accessible, and enjoy the experience!


We are open to all skill-levels, regardless of personal or perceived identities. Our programs are geared towards attendees with the goal in mind to promote diversity within the tech community. As such, we focus on providing those who identify as women the opportunity to participate in our program. This is to provide a balance to the typical demographics of most developer peer groups. With that in mind, you're expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct to help us create a nurturing environment for all. If you see or experience any behavior which violates our Code of Conduct or makes you feel unsafe or unwelcome in any way, you can report it here.
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